I am blessed with seven miracles in my life,

that is my three children and four grandchildren;

my daughter Yolandi (van Vuuren) Kruger,

my son Hendrik Albertus van Vuuren ( Albert) and

my son André van Vuuren.

Yolandi’s two angels Angelique and Monique and

Albert’s two angels Hendrik Albertus (André) and Alexander Juan (Alex).

In addition, to include my daughter-in-law, Samantha, Albert’s wife and

Yolandi’s partner Jannie.

Currently I am working as Customer Service Advisor for Afrox in Germiston.

There is too many pursuits and too little time; I am qualified in Aromatherapy and

Reflexology. Planning to be qualified in Reiki specifically on disabled / handicapped

children concurrently with horses / animals.

That is it in a nutshell …..

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